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Why Mandika resistance took long time


Examine any six reasons as to why Mandika resistance took long time than any other resistance in Africa.

Colonialism refers to the situation whereby developed nations like France, Britain and France control or rule another weak country in social, economic and political affairs.

Colonialism started during the 19th C due to the development of capitalism in its monopoly stage.

On the other hand, Mandika resistance was a type of African resistance against the establishment of French rule in Guinea. Samoure Toure led the movement from 1891 to 1898.

why Mandika resistance took long time

The following are the reasons as to why Mandika resistance took long time;

They had strong army called “sofa” that were well drilled and disciplined, so, they developed their efforts to fight against the French encroachment from 1891-1898.

They had an efficient system of calling up the reserves who then calves underwent annual military training. Each time the number of soldiers could be decreased in the battle while others would be called to fill the gap and confront the French.

They already had an efficient trade network of getting fire ours from the coast, even from French trades. He used such weapons to fight against the French. Samoure Toure also opened up his Owen armories, which not only repaired his weapons but also manufactured effective copies of them.

They used good military technique that is scorched earth policy. As the army fought the soldiers burnt all the crops on the way of the French they could not have food for their troops. This eventually weakened French soldiers since they faced with hunger and starvation.

why Mandika resistance took long time

The Mandika people had a very efficient administration of his empire so that when he was defeated in the battle he could move the headquarters without too much destruction for example; he moved his whole empire eastwards to a completely new area in the face of French successes. The French could not capture Samoure Toure easily. He held off French advances while he rebuilt his empire.

The use of guerilla was tactics helped Samoure Toure and his people so much. His soldiers did not only confront the soldiers in open battle but also crushed them bunch which his troops known much better that the French army.

Generally, the French army defeated Samoure Toure and his people since they used the modern weapons than that of Mandika people, the emergence of natural disaster, which affected the Mandika people, and other weaknesses that faced Mandika people fueled to their defeat.


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