Home Education Why did the company rule failed in Africa?

Why did the company rule failed in Africa?

Why did the company rule failed in Africa?

Why did the company rule failed in Africa?

Qn1. Why did the company rule failed in Africa?
Qn2. Account for the limited success of company rule in the peripheries in 1890s,
Qn3. With vivid examples explain the reasons for the failure of company rule in Africa?
Qn4. Why Imperialist chartered companies failed to realize their colonial objectives.

Company rule, one of the principles of Berlin conference was effective occupation to the colonies, therefore soon after Berlin

Conference of 1884-1885. European countries started to use various companies to administer their respective colonies, after granting them with the royal charter.

During this time European countries used concessionary companies to colonize Africa on behalf of their mother country. Example private companies granted right to colonize at their own expenses in the name of European government concerned.

Also another example is Nigeria; British used the Royal Niger Company, in Rhodesia the British South Africa Company used, also in East Africa the imperial British East Africa Company used.

Why did the company rule failed in Africa?

They faced financial constrain, many companies failed due to financial problems, example IBEACO declared bankrupt during the construction of Uganda rail way. Also many companies failed due to expensiveness to administer African colonies.

They faced strong resistance from indigenous people, after establishment of colonialism in African continent, most of African communities were against colonialism, as the result African people applied active resistance against Company rule. Example Abushiri and Bwana heri wage active resistance against colonial rule. Hence lead to the failure of Company rule.

Also poor climatic condition, this is another factor for the failure of Company rule in Africa, Europeans were not favored by equatorial climate, as the result many Europeans attacked by diseases like malaria and tsetse flies which led to the death of many Europeans. To the large extent this weakened Company rule.

Why did the company rule failed in Africa?

Another factor is communication barriers, company rule also failed due to the communication problem whereby some areas were impenetrable due to the lack of roads as well as ways. Therefore they failed to penetrate to the interior.

Lack of experienced and well educated staff, this company rule was led by traders who seek to maximize profit. They had no enough experience of administration as well as they had no enough education to implement their objectives.

Language barriers, this also led to the failure of company rule, because many European from company role they didn’t know how to communicate with the indigenous people, as the result many problems remains unsolved during this time. Therefore due to language problem company rule failed.


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