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10 Tips to use Smartphone Wisely

Tips to use Smartphone Wisely

10 Tips to use Smartphone Wisely

Around 44 percent peoples of the world using smartphones. It means every 2nd person you met have smartphone, whether it is for personal use or for work.

Some peoples using their smartphone wisely while other using it almost all of the day which is very dangerous for their health and behavior.

Today I am going to share 10 tips to use smartphone wisely:-

1. Avoid using the phone during meetings. Keep your smartphone out of sight. You can put it in your briefcase, bag or in a pocket.

2. Avoid texting in front of others, sometimes it put a bad impression. Try to use when you are alone.

3. Don’t tag someone in your photos or share things with them without their permission. It can put a bad impression on persons about you.

Tips to use Smartphone Wisely

4. Don’t use blue tooth device in public. People might don’t know you are talking on the phone or with them. It can create confusion and people can also listen to your conversation which may not be appropriate.

5. Always put the phone in your pocket while having meal, tea or anything with your friends or with business contacts. Keep a focus on the peoples you are with. If your smartphone rings, inform your friends and other persons before taking a smartphone.

6. Better to put your phone on silent mode whenever you are in meeting with someone or in a group of the meeting. Better to check the notifications, messages or calls after meeting. Accept only emergency calls only, there are very few situations which required your immediate attention.

7. Avoid using a phone in checkout lines like bills lines or in some store. Show your respects by waiting until you have finished the line or business. People surround you are not interested at all in your phone talk, better use before or after finishing work.

Tips to use Smartphone Wisely

8. Try to reply the instant messages, texts, and emails within 24 hours to 48 hours of time. If you are out of station or busy in some work than it is better to use auto reply so that others can know.

9. It is better to check all the spelling when you writing before sending from your smartphones. You can use auto correct option too. Spending extra times on checking spelling worth a lot. If you do not believe me then check google-correct blunders.

10. Avoid to talk loudly on phones and be sensitive to those around you, whether you are walking down on road, in a shopping mall or some other place or traveling through train or bus. It is better to move out of the place where you can disturb others. Better to choose corner or side place for phone talk or texting.


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