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Role played by the colonial state to support Settler


Role played by the colonial state to support Settler

Appraise six roles played by the colonial state to support Settler agriculture in Kenya

Settler agriculture was a type of colonial agriculture established by Europeans who came to settle in Africa and later they engaged in production of raw materials.

It was much developed in Kenya and Zimbabwe where it was characterized by land alienation, existence of taxation, forced labor, low wages as well as existence of monoculture.

Appraise six roles played by the colonial state to support Settler agriculture in Kenya

The following are the central arguments on the roles played by the colonial state to support settler agriculture in Kenya.

The settlers were given improved social services like education, health services and water supply. This was done as the way to motivate the white settlers to engage in production of raw materials like cotton, sisal, rubber which were indeed needed as raw materials in capitalist’s industries from Europe.

The colonial government ensured constant supply of labors to the setter farms. To this, accomplish this, the colonial government introduced land alienation, forced labor and taxation. For instance, Kipande system, low wages were put in place in order to encourage the natives to provide labor in their farms.

The colonial government exempted (excluded) the white settler from paying taxes. This was to encourage settler production where setter was not allowed to pay any kind of tax. This was deliberately reserved to Africans who were forceful to pay it.

Appraise six roles played by the colonial state to support Settler agriculture in Kenya

The colonial government did not allow the natives to grow cash crops. This was because the colonial government wanted to avoid market cooperation between Africans and white settlers. In addition, they wanted to ensure availability of labor in settler farms.

The colonial government provided subsides during drastic climatic change. The white’s settlers were given soft loans, fertilizers and pesticide so as to encourage them to engage in production of raw-materials such as cotton, sisal and coffee which were highly needed so as to solve the industrial needs in Europe.

The colonial government introduced and improved the introduction of modern infrastructures such as railways and roads, which passed through the white settler farms. The whites later on used these infrastructures as a means to transport their crops to the coast ready for export of raw materials and labor.

Appraise six roles played by the colonial state to support Settler agriculture in Kenya

To sum up the settler agriculture in Kenya has both positive and negative impact in Kenya. This is because, issues like introduction and improvement of modern infrastructures like railways, improvement in provision of social services, intensive exploitation forced labor and low wages.


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