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Nafasi za Kazi KCB Bank (Procurement Manager – MLA)

Nafasi za Kazi At KCB Bank ~ Business Performance and Analytics

Nafasi za Kazi KCB Bank (Procurement Manager – MLA)

Procurement Manager – MLA

Job Summary:

To manage procurement and Logistic functions of the subsidiary and ensure value for money in all purchases done on behalf of the bank.

He/She will mainly be responsible for managing all the Bank procurement: Supply chain and logistics functions for the bank across the country; this includes but not limited to all Bank Assets purchases, consumables, outsourcing all the services and other administration related functions like mailing, vehicles management and overseeing of the drivers.

The functions of this unit must align to the overall Bank Strategy by ensuring, there is a budget in place, all stakeholders are engaged, policies and procedures are observed, and the key aspect of cost containment is adhered to.

Job Details

Key Responsibilities:

Develop, execute, and administer all procurement and Logistics activities in the department for diverse works, goods, and services

To support and assist the Logistics Manager as well as advice the rest of the business units within the organization on all procurement and Logistic matters.

To manage and co-ordinate the procurement and Logistic processes and to be able to use established, transparent procurement policies and standard operating procedures.

Plan and monitor the qualitative and quantitative of work output, reviewing all procurements guidelines prior to execution for appropriateness, completeness and accuracy.

Work with colleagues to maximize use of resources and streamline efforts, considering cost containment factor, aggregate forecast of client requirements, as well as procurement and Logistics trends, to ensure efficient planning.

Timely compilation of procurement periodic reports.

Develop and monitor procurement and logistics activities, both pre and post and providing support to the implementation of works relative to procurement and Logistics issues with an action plan chart.

Nafasi za Kazi KCB Bank (Procurement Manager – MLA)

Deliver the procurement and Logistics strategy including sourcing activities which generate benefits and achieve financial savings targets through insight and analysis of:

i. budget spends and supply base are in place to establish suppliers per the bank’s procurement needs.

ii. Supply markets to identify potential suppliers and market trends.

iii. Identification of internal and external cost drivers in the procurement categories

iv. Development of savings opportunities and benchmarking of industry standards and practices to identify quick win opportunities.

v. Preparation of pre-Tender and tender documents in conjunction with key user departments.

Nafasi za Kazi KCB Bank (Procurement Manager – MLA)

 Daily Responsibilities:

Prepare and deliver on-job training for user departments in procurement in relation to techniques, processes, and systems.

Prepare procurement and Logistics solicitations in collaboration with the substantive sections and originate procurement and Logistics documents, internal and external correspondence related to competitive and direct procurements and logistics activities.

Carryout the procurement and Logistics processes, including pre-bidding conference, evaluation of bids, post-qualification, and recommendation for award such as:

i. Management and process travel requisitions

ii. Invitee to the Procurement Committee

iii. Supervising the Procurement and Logistic officers on his/her daily duties

iv. Any other duties assigned to you.


Bachelor’s degree – Procurement, Logistics, or any other related fields

Professional Qualifications – Public Procurement Regulatory Authority Accreditation

Master’s degree – Business Administration

Nafasi za Kazi KCB Bank (Procurement Manager – MLA)

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