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16 Jobs at NZEGA District Council

16 Jobs at NZEGA District Council

16 Jobs at NZEGA District Council

Nzega Town Council is one of the eight Tabora Regional Councils located between Longitude 32o 30 ’- 33o 30’ East Grinwichi and Latitude 30 45 ’- 5000’ Southern Equator; and has an area of ​​720 square kilometers. North and West it is bordered by Igunga District.


According to the 2012 population and housing census, Nzega Town Council had a total of 87,860 people out of which 43,051 men and 44,809 women and it is estimated that the population growth is 2.9% per annum.

Economic situation.

The economy of most of Nzega Town Council residents depends on agriculture, livestock and trade, and this agricultural activity is estimated to provide employment to Nzega Town residents at 85% of the total population of the Council, thus contributing to 80% of council output where a resident is approximately 1,729,800 shillings per year.

Nzega District is one of the seven districts of the Tabora Region of Tanzania.

It is bordered to the north by Shinyanga Region, to the south and southwest by Uyui District and to the east by Igunga District.

Its administrative seat is the town of Nzega.

16 Jobs at NZEGA District Council

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16 Jobs at NZEGA District Council

The deadline for submitting the application is 08 November 2021.


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