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Job Opportunity at Dangote, Sales Administrative officer

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Job Opportunity at Dangote, Sales Administrative officer


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Sales Administrative officer 

Key Duties & Responsibilities

Payment confirmation

Daily order booking

ATC Creation

Open ATC management

ATC movement record keeping

ITA creation

Issuance of ATCs to transport department/customer/customer representative

Company order creation procedures compliance

Sales officer/coordinator team coordination (for order creation)

Transport and logistics coordination (to ensure seamless dispatch)

Compilation of customer service sales report

Maintenance of strict customer account statements confidentiality

Customer account balance confirmation

Customer queries management

Development and implementation of customer experience improvement tactics and strategies

Collation of periodic sales reports for review and submission to DCP Management

Alarm raising (in time) any observations, events or compliance breaches that have the potential to adversely impact sales operations

Identification and recommendation of sales operation improvement to the Head of Sales & Marketing

Execution of any other duties assigned by the Head of Corporates Sales or Head of Sales and Marketing


Academic/Professional Qualifications

Bachelor Degree in Business

Work Experience

At least 3 years of working experience in a sales operations position

Skills and Competencies

Customer service management

Excellent communication skills both verbal and written (English and Swahili)

Strong leadership skills

Report complication

Problems solving skills

Teamwork skills

Computer skills –

MS Office Suite


Personal Health Insurance

Pay Off Time

Training and Development



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