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Job Opportunities at Handeni District

Opportunities at Water Institute

Job Opportunities at Handeni District

Handeni District Council is located south of Tanga region at latitude 40 9 ‘- 60 0’ south of the equator and longitude 360 ​​8 ‘- 380 5’ east of ‘Greenwich ”.

To the east Handeni District is bordered by Pangani and Muheza Districts, on the North by Korogwe and Simanjiro Districts, on the West by Kilindi District and on the South by Bagamoyo District.

The region has an elevation of 200 meters to 400 meters from sea level and the average annual rainfall is 800 – 1,400 mm.

The belt covers about 25% (1,613.25km2) of the entire Council area.

Generally the District receives temperatures of 270C to 390C degrees for three major climatic seasons:

Summer Season (From December to March)

Rainy Season (From April to May)

Winter Season (June – September). for details


To have an educated society and to have a better life by 2020


To provide the Handeni District Council community with a better economic life by making better use of available resources by maintaining good governance to improve the lives of the community.

Handeni district would like to announce three job vacancies to qualified Tanzanians that are to fill the required opportunities to a specific district, for more details about the vacancies open the PDF below

DEADLINE : 04 – 12 – 2021



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