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Importance of Technology in Our Life Today

importance of technology

Importance of Technology in Our Life Today

Technology has become an inevitable part of our lives. We cannot imagine to survive without technology in today’s fast-moving world. When employment, socialization and cultural propagation happens with globalization, we cannot survive without technological involvements.

However, let us reflect on 7 most important reasons for which we require technology:


The first and foremost purpose that technology serves is communication. Social media and other technological applications have brought families together. Today we can find long lost school mates over Facebook, twitter, Instagram and we can reinstate our communication.

In fact, we can even communicate with world leaders, prominent figures over these platforms. Communication is required in professional fields as well, and technology ensures that we can communicate with the world from wherever we are. We cannot imagine our lives without a smart phone, but there was a time when there were no mobile phones at all.

Families are much less worried about their children these days, because phones give them the information about the whereabouts of children, so they are much more relieved about their safety than they were before.

Technology Helps in Legal Work

With our safety comes the safety of the community and the prime responsibility falls upon legal systems. Technology has helped a lot in improving law and order. Today we have phone cameras, CCTV cameras etc. which testify for crime scenes.

We have the computer and internet to find any criminal from anywhere with a global database. Improved technological gadgets have helped in improving forensics, cyber crime treatment to a great extent.


Technology provides us security. Several home security devices like spy scam, door cam, anti-theft applications are linked with our smart phones. Most of them are electronically built for better safety and security purposes.

Today we use a camera to see who stands outside our door, in place of an eye-hole. We can in fact, talk to the person before opening the door. Again, mobile phones make us very confident on streets. When we have a gadget of communication, we know we can make a call whenever in trouble.


Globalization wouldn’t have been possible without internet. The fact that we can connect and work from any part of the world is because we have internet. We can have client meets and requirements from all over the globe and we can assimilate information and process delivery because we have internet.

In fact, Covid has proven that internet can keep our lives going even when we are locked down in houses, barely anything is affected for our work, if it is internet based.


Gone are those days, when we had to run from one library to another within our city to find books and materials for our school-college projects. Even then we would not get the appropriate information required in research work.

But today, with the help of Google, we are able to browse, any type of and any amount of information required for attending journal call for paper. Even for enlightenment and knowledge, we can browse the web. We can learn if we want at any age, anywhere, because we have internet and computer.


Technology has shown us how we can overcome the barriers of time and place with computer and internet. This has made education more accessible and affordable to people across the world. Today, one person in India can learn from Harvard or MIT, even from their home, because of online educational platforms which enriches learning. Online school and college is not just an idea or luxury; it is a necessity especially when there is a pandemic situation.

Online learning is much for cost effective for students and universities, so every other university has shifted their programs online. This is in fact, gen-next education system where schools will move online for affordable and uninterrupted learning. Besides technological gadgets like kindle and tablet are making reading and writing easier and lighter.


Technology has contributed heavily to the world of entertainment. From video and computer games to smart televisions, a wide range of technological inventions have helped us engage our free time. Even today, movie watching is no longer limited to a theatre space. The way we read on a computer, we watch movies on digital platforms. Online streaming platforms and applications are moving the entertainment world to a complete digitization mode.

Improves Efficiency

There is no denying the fact technology increases the efficiency of the company. The advancements in the world of robotics and applied sciences help businesses facilitate their customers. Moreover, due to the emergence of artificial intelligence, companies can now make better use of technology.

For instance, using chatbots as customer representatives to deal with customer queries. The implementation of technology in business saves time and effort involved in employing human labor and increases productivity, which is a huge advantage.

Increased Employee Engagement

Technology is well-known for keeping employees engaged. It allows them to telecommute to work and encourages them to collaborate with each other for sharing files and essential information.

In addition to this, technology also reduces the level of stress. Workload decreases when the assigned tasks are completed in the given time. Employees can also enjoy the flexibility to a certain degree. They can stay connected to the organization via smartphones etc. and perform work-related tasks remotely.

Technology Increases the Capacity of the Business

Technology enables businesses to reach more customers in less time than usual. This means they will be able to serve more customers than before. In addition to this, companies can easily coordinate with the suppliers when they need supplies to restore their inventory. The capacity to communicate and store information increases with technology, which is a huge advantage for large corporations.

Research has found evidences on the contribution of technology to our daily lives. In fact, technology can save lives. Major operations, scans and medical diagnoses happen through scientific and technological discoveries.

Communication, work and education are almost impossible without technology today. For researchers and academicians, journal call for paper are more readily available because of digital publication platforms, all of which involve technology.

Technology has filled our time with meaningful content and entertainment so that we feel satisfied and happy. But technology also have some ill-effects like most other consumptions.

So we must embrace the good aspects of technology in our lives while selectively avoiding the inappropriate results.


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