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How to Remove a Gmail Account From iPhone and iPad

How to Remove a Gmail Account From iPhone and iPad

How to Remove a Gmail Account From iPhone and iPad

Do you know how to remove a Gmail account from iOS (iPhone and iPad)? If you are no more interested in using a Gmail account on your iPhone or iPad then you can delete it easily.

How you can do it’s up to you that how you added the Gmail account to your device. You may set it up in Google’s Gmail application, add it for Apple’s apps in Settings, or both.

You will learn what will happen once you delete a Gmail account from the Gmail app, Safari, an iPhone, and iPad.

To remove an email account in your iPhone or iPad Mail app, go to the Password & Account section of the Settings app.

If you are using another email app on your iPhone or iPad, like Gmail, you will have to remove your account from within that particular application.

What Happens When You Remove a Gmail Account from iPhone?

Once you delete a Gmail account permanently from your iPhone or iPad device then the following thing will happen to keep in mind.

1. You will be unable to use your Gmail address to receive or send emails, the email address will not be any more available for anyone else to use in the future.

2. That account will stop syncing data to your Contact, Mail, and Calendar applications.

3. Luckily your Google account will still work with other Google applications like Google Maps, Google Drive, Gmail, YouTube, and other Google apps

4. Yes, you can remove or delete your account from the Gmail application too in case you do not want to use it anymore.

5. If you have a login to Gmail on Safari, you will require to remove or delete it there as well.

How to Remove Gmail Account From an iPhone and iPad

Let’s show you how to delete your Gmail account from an iPhone and iPad devices in the following steps:

1. Tap on the Settings app on your iPhone device

2. Select the Contacts option

3. Tap on the Account option

4. Here tap on the Gmail account you want to remove.

5. Now tap on the Delete account option

6. If you want to delete another Gmail account then repeat the process.

Open Settings, Select Contacts, Accounts, Gmail, And Delete Account.

Open Settings, Select Contacts, Accounts, Gmail, and Delete Account. 

How to Remove Gmail Account From the Gmail App

Most people want to manage and switching betwee different Gmail accounts becomes too long in the Gmail application. If you are also among them then you can remove the ones you do not want to continue to use.

Here are these steps to follow:

1. Tap to Gmail app to open on your iPhone or iPad device

2. Select your profile photo from the upper right corner

3. Tap on the Manage Account on This Device option

4. Now select the Remove From This Device option below the Gmail accounts you wish to remove.

5. Select the Remove button to confirm your action in the pop-up once appear

6. After that, the Gmail application will now delete or remove all emails from that Gmail account and log out from it. Tap on the Done button at the upper left corner to go back to the Gmail main page

Open Gmail App And Select Profile Photo

Open Gmail App and Select Profile Photo 

Tap On Manage Accounts On This Device

Tap on Manage Accounts on this device 

Tap Remove From This Device Button For The Gmail Account You Want To Remove.

Tap Remove from This Device button for the Gmail account you want to remove. 

Select Remove To Confirm To Delete The Gmail Account.Select Remove to confirm to delete the Gmail account.

How to Remove Gmail Account From Safari

If you access your Gmail account while using Safari, it would continue to show and sign in automatically until your delete it.

Luckily, you can do that without clearing Safari’s cache and data.

1. Open the Safari browser on your device

2. Enter https://mail.google.com to launch Gmail in a tab

3. Select the Main menu or Hamburger menu icon in the upper left corner

4. Here tap on the Gmail account from the top side to navigate the drop-down for the Account menu

5. Then select the Sign Out of All Accounts option

6. You will direct to the page with the title of Choose an Account

7. Tap on the Remove an Account option

8. Select the red round button next to the Gmail account you wish to remove

9. Tap on the Yes, Remove option in the pop-up window to confirm your action

Type In Gmail's Address In The Address Bar Of Safari On Iphone Or Ipad.

Type in Gmail’s address in the address bar of Safari on iPhone or iPad. 

Select The Menu Option

Select the Menu option 

Select The Gmail Account Menu Drop-Down From Upper Side

Select the Gmail account menu drop-down from upper side 

Tap On Sign Out Of All Accounts From The Gmail Menu,

Tap on Sign Out of All Accounts From the Gmail menu, 

Tap On Remove An Account From Gmail In Safari

Tap on Remove an Account from Gmail in Safari 

Tap The Red Circular Button To Remove The Gmail Account.

Tap the red circular button to remove the Gmail account. 

Tap On Yes, Remove To Confirm The Action.

Tap on Yes, Remove to confirm the action. 

That’s all! In case you misplace or lose your iPhone or iPad device, you can remotely log out or sign out of a Gmail account and protect your Gmail data by using a two-factor authentication feature to save it from scammers and prying eyes.


Here are following frequently asked by various people and might you are interested to read it.

How to Delete an Email account on your iPad

Here are the following steps to remove an email account on your iPad:

1. Go the Settings app on your iPad

2. Tap on the Password & Account in the left side pane

3. You will see a all the email accounts list on your iPad which use the Mail app. Select the account you wish to delete.

4. Select the Delete Account option on the account details page and confirm your action to delete an email or Gmail.

Remove Gmail account from iPhone Mail app

To delete a Gmail account from your iPhone Mail app is very simple. Open the Settings>Mail>Accounts and select Gmail.

Tap on the Delete Account option on the next page. This will completely delete your Gmail Account from your iPhone and you will not be able to access and use your Gmail Account from within the Mail App.

How to remove Google account from iPhone

To sign out and delete your account from iPhone device. Open Google app on your iPhone or iPad device. Tap your profile image on the upper left and select the account that is signed in.

Remove your account from here: By tap on Manage>Tap on Remove option next to the account you wish to remove. Tap on Back option. Select the Done option on the top right side.


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