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How To Make Photo Collages for Instagram Stories

How To Make Photo Collages for Instagram Stories

How To Make Photo Collages for Instagram Stories

Do you know how to create photo collages in an Instagram Story? Let me show you this hack will help you make photo collages for your Instagram Stories. Since the feature first launched in August 2016 the art of the Instagram Story is one that influential and us common people alike have been trying to fit.

Instagram Story tips, hacks, and tricks are still available everywhere as Instagram Stories themselves. If you are finding for methods to up your Instagram Story game, creating photo collages for your Instagram Story is the best solution and will keep users or followers from having to click through many of your Stories.

As with best much everything nowadays, there are several applications that will help make an Instagram Story collage for you.

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for creating or making sharing photos. In case you are aware of using the available effect, then you can keep together great photos.

Today, we will show you how to make cool photo collages on Instagram. The method is straightforward and only takes a few minutes. Continue reading and learn how to make or create a photo collage in an Instagram Story.

Trick Will Help You Make Photo Collages For Your Instagram Stories

No need to download another application. It does not matter. It showing since April 2019, you can create a photo collage within your Instagram Story itself.

You can read and see in various posts and YouTube videos, this secret hack is very simple to use, and while it is not quite as customizable as applications like Layout or Canva, it will not take up extra space on your phone.

In case you have an iPhone and Android phone then you will learn how to create your Instagram Story by adding various photos all within the Instagram app.

How to Create an Instagram Collage using Stickers in Android and iOS

It is one of the best methods to make a collage using Stickers on Instagram if you wish complete control over its appearance. You can choose the Stickers option by visiting Your Story, you select to pick and customize your background and create or pick photos for the collage.

The benefit of this way is that there are no limitations or restrictions on the number of pictures you can have in your collage. Resize them, rotate them, overlap them and move them to your heart’s content.

How To Make Photo Collages for Instagram Stories

You can create some cool collages!

1. Open your Instagram app on your Device

2. Select the Plus (+) icon at the bottom or Tap on your Story option at the top

3. If you tap the Plus (+) icon then select the Story option from the bottom of the screen. In case you tapped the Your Story option then continue to step three.

4. Select the thumbnail icon to insert the background to choose photos or take a photo to add as your background. If you want to keep your background black then keep your camera facing down on a surface.

5. Tap on the background to slide up from the bottom to bring up Sticker features. Select the Gallery option beside the Camera one to bring p your Camera or Images Roll library on your mobile phone.

6. Now select an image to add to your collage, Then the image will become a Sticker on your background. The picture now shows up over your chosen background.

7. Tap to rotate and resize the image as required by using 2 fingers, then hold it to move it around to anywhere you wish. You can redo anything later as required.

8. In case you need to remove an image, tap and hold it and slide it down into the trash icon that shows up.

9. To add more images to your Instagram collage repeat Steps 4-6.

10. Once you did, tap on Your Story on the bottom left side

11. You will need to follow the steps to finish the process

12. If you want, you can also make changes by editing your background in the first steps to make it pop!

How To Make Photo Collages for Instagram Stories

Open Instagram App And Select Your Story OptionOpen Instagram App and Select Your Story option

Add A Photo Or Take A Photo And Add StickersAdd a Photo or Take a Photo and Add Stickers

How to Make an Instagram Collage Story using the Layout Feature

To make an Instagram collage story while using the Instagram Layout feature that lets you make images using different layouts and features, especially the collage option.

However, you get limited to particular collage layouts that restrict the number of images you can use, such as a 1×3, 2×2, 3×3, or 4×4 configuration.

Furthermore, the option does not let images get placed randomly overlap or sections of each other. Using the Instagram Layout feature is perhaps the simplest and easiest of the collage features, but it has its limits.

Let’s show you how to create an Instagram collage Story using the Layout feature.

i. Open your Instagram app on mobile phone

ii. Tap on the Your Story option

iii. Now tap on the Layout option, such as 3×3, 4×4, 1×3, etc.

iv. Here for each section choose your images, begin with the top-left region. To add photos, select the gallery icon on the bottom left side or tap on the white circle to snap a photo from your camera.

v. When you choose the photo, tap on the checkmark to confirm your action. Your photo gets added to the collage.

vi. Add a photo to each pre-arranged section to your collage by repeating steps 4-5.

How To Make Photo Collages for Instagram Stories

Alternative Way to Make Photo Collages for Instagram Stories

Here are the following steps to create photo collages for Instagram stories:

i. Open Instagram App on your Mobile phone

ii. Capture a Photo in Instagram Stories

iii. Navigate your camera roll and locate the image you want to add

iv. Then Copy the image

v. Return to Instagram Stories

vi. An Add Sticker option may be appear in the bottom or bottom left side

vii. Reposition and Adjust the sticker as you want

viii. Repeat this process as you are happy with that

Other Methods to Add Photos to Your Instagram Collage

Once you are using Instagram Stories to create a collage on your iPhone or Android devices, you can specify the source of the photo.

Not only can you add some images and screenshots from your phone gallery, but you can also choose images from Download, Facebook, WeChat, and other folders that have photos you created.

You can download photos from an online cloud service and use them in your Instagram collage to move on step further.

How to Add the Finishing Touches to Your Instagram Stories Collage

You can select the images to set up their arrangement from the front to the back.

To change the background color you chose by selecting the Brush

The tool then press Select Color and hold your finger on the screen until it turns into the color you wish.

Then add borders and hand-drawn illustrations with the Brush Tool

You can also add Emoticons, Stickers, and other effects to create your collage stand out.

That’s all you require to know to make Instagram Stories with various images. In case you wish to develop something unique, you should think about using third-party applications with special effects.

How To Make Photo Collages for Instagram Stories

Using Third-Party Apps to Create Unique Collages for Your Instagram Stories

There are several effects on Instagram that you can use to make your unique stories. If you want to make unique collages, you can get some third-party apps that help that have some extra features and effects. Let’s show you some of the most famous photo editing apps you can use.

Mojo App

Mojo App will offer you entire tools you require to make a unique Instagram Story. To your story, more significant impress and impact on your clients and followers use animated templates. You can edit them as you want by adding animations, effects, colors, cropping, and so many more.

This application will let you use animated templates for both photos and videos. Use your creativity to make some best Instagram Stories that will engage your existing users and followers and draw in new ones.

Layout from Instagram: Collage

Layout from the Instagram Collage app is the newest application is the best option to make collages. The layout allows you to make one-of-a-kind layouts by remixing your own images and sharing them with your followers and friends.

This feature has so many features like Re-mix up to 9 images at a time, personalize layouts and collages, Use the Faces tab to find people, Capture the moment, spontaneous shots, Save layout to your gallery, easily view the last thirty photos you have chosen, pair your layouts and collages with IG creative tools and filters, and download & start making a layout or collage immediately.

A Design Kithe App

If you want to use a third-party app then a Design kit is one the best among famous apps. Which helps you to bring some life into your Instagram Stories.

You can find a lot of backgrounds, textures, stickers, colors, brushes, and other features tools you can use to create your image stand out.

The effects will create your Instagram stories more colorful and you can add your personal experience to make your collages’ photos instantly recognizable.

Adobe Spark Post

Maybe you know that the Adobe Spark Post application is the best option among the others for absolutely new users. The application has dozens of templates you can add to your Instagram Stories. It also offers millions of fonts, Stock photos, filters, and other valuable resources.

Create Your Instagram Stories Attractive

You have to use additional effort into creating Instagram Stories in case you wish to engage your users and followers. Most stories made with Instagram look very similar, so users scroll through them.

But in case you add some additional effects to your collage with a third-party app, all the people will want to view it. With a little practice, your Instagram Stories could become famous on social media platforms.


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