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How To Help Your Children With Their Homework

How To Help Your Children With Their Homework

How To Help Your Children With Their Homework

Homework is like the villain in every child’s story because it’s the one thing that torments them all. As a parent, there are a lot of ways that you can help your child with their homework, and by this, I don’t mean you getting their pen and writing all correct answers in their book.

I actually don’t recommend that.As a necessity, your child needs your help in creating the perfect conditions for them to help themselves with their homework.

If you don’t help them out, you’ll keep asking yourself what became of them, and them wondering what happened to the way you loved them before.

The following are the tips you need to be able to help your child do their homework;

1. Understanding What’s Necessary

Before you even decide how to help your child, you have to understand what they need to do and what is expected of them by their teachers and the school.

Know what the teachers are looking for

In this, you have to know what the teachers are looking for, whether the homework is research-based or revision-based. Either way, you’ll get to know what your child needs to do to get the information they need, and to ace all their exercises.

Understand how and when the work should be done

Understanding the time limits assigned to the exercise that your child has received is a very crucial thing. This will give you an understanding of how much time you’ve got to allow your child to have.

The best way you’ve got to understand this is when you talk to the teachers and/ or constantly attend the meetings held at school between parents and teachers. If you understand this, you’ll be able to know and determine the steps you have to take in order to help your child with their homework.

How To Help Your Children With Their Homework

2. Planning

I believe that almost all children are willing to do their homework by the time they leave school to get home. But you know all our minds are naturally inclined to pleasure and your kids will need to plan on when to sweat and when to get the little pleasure. Now, this is something that your child might not be so good at, and they’ll need your help.

Create a schedule for them to follow

Schedules are all over the school, and they are followed by all students and teachers. This doesn’t mean they love to stick to a routine or to follow a set of boring rules. When you create a schedule for them, they’ll most likely follow it.

Ask for their own ideas/ suggestions

It’s not bad for you to give a little ear to what they have to say about what they’d prefer their day to look like. This doesn’t mean you have to follow their suggestions, but ideas are important.

3. Creating The Ambience

Now, this is the  most important way that you can help your child, whether they have to study at home or just do their homework. When you set the perfect environment, you’ll see them get the work done in time. This is how;

Set up a homework friendly area

If your home is quite spacious, you might have an advantage on this one. If there’s a study room in your house, you can let them use it for their own work. Alternatively, you can decide to clear an empty or unused room for them to use. getting out of the sitting room or their bedroom is really good. If you don’t have a lot of space, just clear what’s available.

Noise is a great deterrent to concentration, and your child will most certainly do the work slow, or might not be mindful enough to write the appropriate answers. Actually, better to keep the babies far away and the music off for a moment.

Keep distractions away

Speaking of distractions, these are sounds, visual objects and people that might take your child’s attention away for a moment, or entirely. Keep them away, take their phones and turn off the WiFi for a moment.

Lead by example

If you have no much to do, it’s ideal for you to get close to your child where they are working from, and do something similar to what they’re doing. This means you can get some newspapers, work documents or a novel and give your child company.

Make sure they do their own work

Just for more  emphasis, you have to help your child just by creating the perfect environment, but not physically dong their work for themselves. It will help their brains.

How To Help Your Children With Their Homework

4. Encouragement And Motivation

Motivation is a very important to children, especially if what they’re doing is quite hard. This will give them the morale they need to get things done. These are the ways you can encourage and motivate them.

Monitor them

Monitoring might not sound so cool, but it’s something that will not give them time to laze or get distracted. More to that, they will feel like they’re not alone in this.

Talk their moods up

Giving your kids the right talk will get their spirits up, and they’ll be ready to do all their tasks and clear their table in time. You know the words that will give them the perfect feeling.

Set a practical and possible reward system

No, rewarding your child at the end of every session is not a dog thing, but they have to feel like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. This doesn’t mean you have to buy them anything. It can be something as simple as allowing them to watch their favourite program or playing a video game when the work is done.


There’s almost no limit to the things that you can do as a parent to help your children with every scholarly needs. This applies to homework too, but I admit there are sometimes that things might tend to get way out of hand for you and your child.

When you get at this point, all you have to do is try seeking help from wherever. Teachers can really bail you out in such a situation, either by helping your child directly or advising you on how to bail them out.


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