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How to Download WhatsApp Update

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How to Download WhatsApp Update

Note that updating WhatsApp will not delete anything, not even your chats. But it is advisable to backup your chats before updating.

Why do you need to Update your WhatsApp?

Updates fix bugs: If there is a fault or an error in the application, the only way to fixes those errors is to release an update with the corrected version.

Implementation of new features.

Improve performance and security.

How to Update WhatsApp App on Android

It is very straightforward if you want to update your WhatsApp on Android phones. You can do that through the play store app or use the official apk version of the update.

Method 1: How to Update WhatsApp on PlayStore

1. Open the Play Store app on your phone.

2. Tap on the search box and search for WhatsApp.

3. You will see a lot of results. Tap on WhatsApp Messenger from WhatsApp LLC.

4. Tap on the Update button and wait till your WhatsApp App is fully downloaded and Installed.

5. Open the App and continue with your chats with the improved version.

How to Download WhatsApp Update

Method 2: How to Update WhatsApp using APK file

Using this method, ensure you have enabled the install apps from unknown sources in your phone settings.

1. Go to https://www.whatsapp.com/android/. Make sure the version under the green button is the latest.

2. Click on the Download button to download the official APK file from WhatsApp LLC.

3. Wait for some time for your file to be downloaded. The time depends on your internet speed.

4. After the APK file has been downloaded successfully, locate and open the downloaded file.

5. A message will appear on your screen saying you are installing an App from an unknown source, tap on OK or accept.

6. Another prompt will tell you the update won’t delete your files in the App. Click on OK.

7. Wait for some time for WhatsApp to finish the update.

How to Download WhatsApp Update

How to Download WhatsApp on an iPhone

1. Open your App Store.

2. Search for WhatsApp.

3. From the search result, look through and tap on WhatsApp Messenger from WhatsApp LLC.

4. Tap on the update button and wait for some time for WhatsApp to be updated entirely on your phone.

5. Now that you have successfully updated your WhatsApp, you can open the App and continue with your chats.

The End

By following the steps above, you can update your WhatsApp successfully without any problem.

Remember that before you update your WhatsApp, make sure you have enough space and a good internet connection. Also, back up your chat before you start the update to recover your chat in case there is any problem.


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