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Hindrances to the development of African countries


Inherited problems from colonial past are major hindrances to the development of African countries. Justify this statement.

Development is a gradual change from low to higher stage. Imperialists mostly colonized African countries for quite long.

The colonialists only aimed at exploiting African wealth such as minerals and raw materials such as ivory, gold, iron, cotton and wax.

In this way, the colonialists left Africans with number of problems that now become hindrances to African development.

The following are some inherited problems from colonial legacy.

Poverty and unstable among African countries is among the challenges facing most African countries right from the attainment of independence in a sense that colonialists heavily exploited Africans to the point of remaining extremely poor and thus live in bad conditions.

In addition to that, Africans still live by depending on foreign countries led by Britain, USA and the like. This has become an obstacle to the development of the continent because Africans cannot decide on their own matters, majority also still living under dollar they cannot afford meeting a balanced diet and other social demands.

Poor social service is another challenge mostly encountered African countries right from the independence. This is because during the colonial era colonialists posed it purposely and unevenly depending on the site of colonial economy like plantations and mines, however, these services were poorly provided.

The education given to Africans meant to train few Africans who could serve for the colonial interests as messengers, clerks and teachers. This situation made it difficult to get well-trained African personnel who would work for their favor. Besides, the health services provided by then were poor.

Major hindrances to the development of African countries

This trend still facing many African countries  despite the attainment of their independence because transport system is indeed poor, hospitals still lack experts worse still Africans’ education still of European curricular.

Gender imbalance is another problem facing African countries to development. This has its roots right from colonial social services where education was provided basing on gender lines. Equally important, after independence women still remaining in backwardness as they are less regarded and majority regard them terrible comparing to men.

In Tanzania for example, many women are only responsible for family taking care rather than contributing in national building. Imbalances in gender have been acting as a barrier to development of a given nation in Africa.

Major hindrances to the development of African countries

Ignorance and illiteracy is among the stumbling factor to the development of African continent. This is because most people in Africa are un educated and the root cause of this phenomena emanated from colonial era where few especially sons of chiefs had access to education. This trend has in turn created a big gap among Africans where the educated among Africans exploit no-educated class causing chaos and mistrust among them.

New-colonialism as a situation in which an independent country becomes less free in deciding her own matter in terms of resources (both human and materials) utilization is a critical problem that hinders the development of African countries because mostly, Africans still depending on donors from developed countries through being granted aids and grants this in turn creates the exploitation our valuable resources particularly minerals and raw materials due to the fact that the prices for our produce are determined by foreigners, also the exchange of money is un fair and unevenly to Africans. More than those African leaders are being remote by foreigners in leading their countries. In this case whatever decided by African leaders aim at meeting foreign interests.

Major hindrances to the development of African countries

To bring to a close the above discussion it may be concluded that African countries have been employing several accounts aiming to mitigate the problems that impinge them particularly the declaration policies like Ujamaa and self-reliance in Tanzania.

Others decide to establish campaign for national buildings like Harambee in Kenya as well as humanism in Zambia are few examples to mention in this regard. In addition, they have keenly involved in regional groupings like COMESA, ECOWAS, SADC, EAC and the likes. All these have been aiming at maintaining African development.


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