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Examinations Do’s and Don’ts

Examinations Do's and Don'ts

Examinations Do’s and Don’ts

The exam day holds special importance in a student’s life. For, preparations culminate into actions, the pre-board scores don’t matter anymore, excitement of E-day, in an aspirant’s heart, and it all boils down to those 3 hours. So, how can a student best utilize those 3 hours?

We, at NNE have prepared a basic list of Dos and Don’ts for a student to follow on the E-day. Following is a very basic list of dos and don’ts an aspirant must remember, apart, of course, from his formulae and concepts, on the day of the exam.

Examinations Do’s and Don’ts


Question paper:

Read each and every question, you can answer only if you know that a question has been asked.

Read the instructions carefully before starting the exam. You will know the finer details of the exam, like any change in pattern, marking scheme etc.

Read each and every question carefully and answer what has been asked.

Keep some time for revision and check whether you have answered all questions you know.

Answer the section you find easy, first.

Examinations Do’s and Don’ts

Before the Exam:

Sleep well a night before the exam and have a healthy breakfast the next morning.Reach the center well in advance. Avoid last minute hassles.

Have faith in your hard work and your preparations.

Examinations Do’s and Don’ts


In the Exam:

Do not waste time on questions you are not sure of or those which are time consuming. Come back to answer them only when you are through with all that you know.

Do not forget to carry your stationary, a watch and all the documents required.
Like the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy reads, “Do not panic”.

Do not spend more time on a section that carries relatively less marks.

Do not waste time on a numerical question, in case you don’t know. Either you know them or you don’t. Answer it if you do, move on to the next question in case you do not have a clue.

Do not speculate how much marks you might get, while taking the exam. Concentrate on doing whatever you know.

Don’t get distracted by any external factor.

Examinations Do’s and Don’ts

After the Exam:

Do not conduct a post-mortem of the exam by predicting how many marks you might score, trying to figure out the correct answers from an unreliable source.

In the end, remember, if you have prepared well, put your best foot forward and taken the exam to the best of your ability, there is no one to stop you from achieving what you deserve.


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