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Elaborate six roles of agents of colonialism


Elaborate six roles of agents of colonialism to the colonization of African continent.

Colonialism refers to the process whereby one powerful nation dominates the weaker nations in all aspects of life that is socially, politically as well as economically.

This was very much common due to the imperialist nations like Britain, France, Belgium and Italy dominating the African colonies during the 19th C. Colonialism was facilitated by the agents of colonialism of which were the ones  of whom persuaded/penetrated the rise of colonization in the African continent.

This involved the explorers like David Livingstone, John Speke, Mungo Park, and Missionaries like Dr. Living Stone, Ludwing Kraft and John Rebman.

Also the Merchants like William Mackinnon under IBEACO (Imperial British East African Company), Cecil Rhodes under BSAC (British South African Company), and George Goldie under Royal Niger Company, all with the aim of causing colonization.

The following were the contributions of the agents of colonialism to the colonization of Africa.

They abolished slave trade (1873); this was the strategy of the imperialist nations due the industrial revolution in their nations. In this way, missionaries were sent to African continent to remove the slavery and slave trade. In addition, some of the British abolitionists like Moresby (1822), Harmeton (1845) and also Barrle feere (1873). This was to concertize their interests of coming in Africa and colonizing it easily by the imperialists.

They signed bogus treaties; this involved the work done by the explorers and some of the traders/merchants in many parts of Africa. This was to encourage the officialization of the resources like land from the chiefs, for example, Karlpeeters of GEACO (Germany East African Company) made a bogus treaty with sultan Mangungo of Msowero, and Cecil Rhodes of BSACO (British South African Company) made a bogus treaty with chief Lubengula of Ndebele in Southern Rhodesia.

They exposed the hinterland of (interior) to the external world; this involved the collection of the various information from the African continent towards their mother countries. Explorers of whom they sent sensitive information of land scenery mainly did this. For example, John Speke went back in his mother country with the information about source of river Nile of which was Lake Victoria, David Living Stone discovered the Victoria Falls (Zambia).

They spread Christianity, this was the role played by the missionaries in the African colonies so as to allow the prevention of colonialism. It was through the civilization of the Africans towards imperialists’ colonization for example, Dr. Ludwing Kraph formed the Crus at Rabai mpya at Mombasa in 1844. In addition, there were several church societies like the Holy Ghost fathers, London Missionary society, UMOA and white fathers.

They introduced cash crop production; the missionaries in the African colonies mainly did this by putting more emphasis on cash crop production like the coffee, cocoa, sisal, tea and tobacco, these were the raw materials for the imperialists, as they would come to the African areas to colonize for imperialistic interests. For example, the missionaries in Ghana motivated much on the cocoa production as the raw materials.

They sent important information to their mother countries this involved the sending information of the strategic areas towards the imperialists. The explorers did this and also some traders from companies for example, De Braze of Congo of whom was working for King Leopold II of Belgium, Cecil Rhodes in Southern Rhodesia under B.S.A.Co, George Goldie of Royal Niger Company in the Niger Delta potentiality.

Generally, the agents of colonialism led to the occupation of African continent towards the imperialists during the 19th C. this is whereby it was after the Berlin conference of 1884-1885. The evils of colonialism were the effective exploitation of the African resources, destruction of the African culture and also the inferior of African race.


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