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Car Insurance in the UK

Car Insurance in the UK

Car Insurance in the UK

Comprehensive Expat Car Insurance

Get a complete expat car insurance in the UK that combines physical damage insurance (PD) with local third-party liability protection (TPL).

Since 1947, Clements has been meeting the motor insurance needs of individuals living and working outside of their home country, with affordable and comprehensive solutions and unsurpassed servicing standards.


Clements UK motor insurance benefits include:

-Fully comprehensive and affordable coverage Same day cover

-Monthly installment payment plan

-Windscreen repair

-Breakdown and legal expenses cover available

-Includes social domestic which provides cover whether you are –driving to the shops or commuting between your home and your place of work

-Fully comprehensive and third-party

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is my car insurance quote valid for?

Up to 30 days from the time you quote. Once those 30 days are up, you will need to request a new quote.

What kinds of cover are available?

In general, three main levels of cover available to drivers in the UK: third party only; third party, fire and theft; and comprehensive. Of these, Clements offers fully comprehensive coverage. Please learn more about benefits and features above.

Can I purchase add-ons at any time?

Add-ons are only available at the time of purchase and renewal. If you have a specific need regarding add-ons during the term of your policy, please give us a call at +44(0) 33 0099 0104 so we find a solution that fits your needs.

How long will my policy last?

Car insurance policies are annual.

Does my choice of car affect the cost of my policy?

The type of car you drive will have a bearing on the price of the policy offered to you. Generally speaking, cars are classified into 50 possible groups based on factors like engine size, power, and the cost of repairs.

Is windscreen cover included?

Windscreen cover is included on all our policies, subject to your policy excess. Please refer to your policy to confirm cover levels or contact us with any questions.

Is a courtesy car included in the UK car insurance policy?

It depends on your policy – please refer to your plan.

What is excess?

Excess in some countries is known as “Deductible”. The excess is the amount that you, the policyholder, are responsible for in the event of a claim.

The total excess is made up of two parts: voluntary and compulsory. Compulsory excess is the minimum excess set by the insurer and is shown in your policy documents. Voluntary excess is chosen by you and is in addition to your compulsory excess.

Why do I need to give you my phone number?

Your phone number is one of the details that the insurance provider will need to include in your policy document. Don’t worry, we won’t share your contact details with any third parties.

Why do you need to know my address?

Your address is necessary for your policy document. Your address and location will have a bearing on the cost of your policy.

Green Cards for Drivers Registered in the U.K.

Brexit has been finalized so the U.K. is no longer part of the European Union (E.U.). Drivers registered in the U.K. will now need to carry a physical Green Card with them while driving their vehicle in the member countries of the E.U.

If your car is insured with Clements in the U.K., please see the FAQs below to learn more about your insurance coverage in the E.U. and how to obtain a Green Card.

What is a Green Card?

The Green Card is an International Motor Insurance Certificate (IMIC) issued by insurance providers that guarantees that the visiting motorist has the required minimum car insurance coverage for driving in the countries being traveled to or through.

How do I receive my Green Card?

Receiving a Green Card is easy. Contact us at +44(0) 33 0099 0104 or [email protected] to receive your Green Card via email or in the mail.

If you’d prefer to receive your Green Card via email, we’ll send it to you 1 business day after receiving your request, but you’ll need to print it yourself on plain white A4 paper and the back page has to be blank.

You can also use green paper with black text but no other color will be valid.

If you’d prefer to receive your Green Card in the mail, we’ll need a notice of at least 14 days before your planned travel outside the U.K.

We’ll send you a black and white document (not green!) in the post, which can take up to 14 days to arrive.

What information do you need from me to issue my Green Card?

We will need to know the date in which you plan to leave the U.K. and the date of your return.

How much does a Green Card cost?

A Green Card through Clements will cost you £35.00 and you will be required to pay this when requesting the document.

Will my current car insurance be affected by Brexit?

Clements will continue to provide the same car insurance coverage for travel to the E.U.

Therefore, you won’t need to purchase additional car insurance when traveling to these countries with a U.K. registered vehicle if you have a Green Card. You’ll continue to hold the same coverage that you have now.

Why is it called a Green Card when it can be white?

The Green Card changed to being valid in black text on white paper in July 2020. The managing organization of the Green Card system, the Council of Bureaux, facilitated this change with the appropriate authorities in the participating countries.

The Green Card system has existed for more than 50 years so the tradition of calling it a Green Card still remains.

What happens if I don’t have a Green Card?

When driving in the E.U., make sure you have the Green Card and your proof of car insurance with you at all times. Without a Green Card, you may be refused entry to the country you’re travelling to or have to repurchase insurance at the border.

If you’re pulled over or involved in an accident, you could also run into further problems because driving without a Green Card is considered to be a violation similar to driving without insurance. Always be sure to have the right documentation ready.

Where will the Green Card allow me to drive?

The Green Card we issue to you will allow you to drive in member countries of the E.U. plus Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Norway, Serbia, and Switzerland.

If you have questions about driving through any other territory, contact us at +44(0) 33 0099 0104 or [email protected] so we can ensure you have the required car insurance.

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