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9 Government Job Vacancies at Ministry Of Water and Irrigation

Government Job Vacancies

9 Government Job Vacancies at Ministry Of Water and Irrigation

Water services began to be provided since the colonial era in the 1930s. Construction of village water projects began in the late 1950s and was provided in all nine states of that time.

Plans for the provision of water services were prepared to meet the needs of the Colonial Government and the service was not provided with policy directives.

In 1961 the Department of Water and Irrigation was under the Ministry of Agriculture, and its function was to provide rural water services for humans and livestock; water resource management and flood prevention; implement irrigation projects and conduct hydrological research and prepare long-term plans to develop water projects.

In 1963 our country was divided into 17 regions instead of the nine states that existed during Independence and water services began to be provided in those regions.

In 1970, the Water Sector was granted the status of a Ministry. Its functions included the development of rural and urban water services.

Water services continued to be provided through the Regional and District Water Departments under the leadership of Regional and District Water Engineers. 400 meters.

Vision of the Ministry

To have a water secure country, where people have sustainable access to sufficient quantity and quality of water to meet human, economic and environmental needs


To improve access to safe drinking water and sanitation services to all, and manage water resources so as to ensure national food security and sustainable industrial based economic development

Core Activities

The Ministry Core activities are;

To prepare and oversee the implementation of Policy and Strategies for the Water Sector Development Program;

Develop and administer the implementation of Rules, Regulations, and Procedures in the water sector;

Seek funding for water projects;

Gather, analyze, interpret and store water sector data;

Issue guidelines for the sustainable use of water resources;

Provide guidelines for the provision of water and sanitation services in the country;

Capacity building for water sector professionals;

To enhance research on the best technologies in the water services;

Coordinating the responsibilities, and implement the advice of the National Water Board.

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Position: Various Posts (9 Vacancies)

Deadline: 15th October, 2021.



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