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31 Jobs Vacancies At Kagera Region (MDH)

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31 Jobs Vacancies At Kagera Region (MDH)

Kagera is one of Tanzania’s 31 administrative regions. The region is located in the northwestern corner of Tanzania on the western shore of Lake Victoria.

The region neighbours Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi and lies across the lake from Kenya. The region was known as West Lake before June 1979. The regional capital is the city of Bukoba.

According to the 2012 national census, the region had a population of 2,458,023, which was lower than the pre-census projection of 2,763,329.

For 2002-2012, the region’s 3.2 percent average annual population growth rate was tied for the third-highest in the country. It was also the ninth-most densely populated region, with 97 people per square kilometre.

MDH is an indigenous-Tanzanian non-Governmental Organisation with principal place of business in Tanzania. MDH’s work is primarily in public health service and research in Tanzania and the world at large.

MDH seeks to mobilize and engage a team of skilled, experienced and motivated Tanzanian professionals to work in collaboration with the government and  with other local and international experts to address public health priorities through evidence based interventions.

31 Jobs Vacancies At Kagera Region (MDH)

Kagera Regional Administrative Secretary welcomes job applications from Tanzanians to fill 31 positions as described in the PDF FILE below:

31 Jobs Vacancies At Kagera Region (MDH)



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