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11 Job Vacancies at Sikonge District council

11 Job Vacancies at Sikonge District council

11 Job Vacancies at Sikonge District council

Sikonge District council in collaboration with Management Development for Heath (MDH) has a pleasure to invite suitable candidates to fill the following contracted vacancies.

Job Title: Data Officer (5 Posts)

Full time work stat on: CTCs and PMTCT Clinics Report to: CTC In – charge

Qualifications and Work Experience:

Certificate or Diploma or Advanced Diploma in Records Management or Secretarial Services, with computer basic skills

Duties and Responsibilities:

1 . Enter quickly and accurately clinical, laboratory, pharmacy, tracking or other forms into database under the monitoring of DDO and reporting to the DACC

2. Performs mobile data entries from small sites into CTC2 database

3. Sort and file arms as needed in numerical order

4. Conduct DQA’s on monthly basis

5. Conduct data checks on daily basis after data entry

6. Prepare graphs and inform CTC/PMTCT on progress of indicators vs target set

7. Report all CT 2 cards with problems to CTC In-charge at end of each day for timely rectification

8. Reconcile differences between different data bases by running compare program, reviewing appropriate form, and correcting all differences

9. Locate and r view archived or filed forms if necessary

10. Attend data staff meetings at specified times

11. Communicate both verbally and in writing suggestions for improvements-to data entry or data low to supervisors

12. Complete other data tasks as assigned

11 Job Vacancies at Sikonge District council

Job Position: ART Nurse (3 Posts)

Full Time workstation: CTCs and PMTCT Clinics Reports to: CTC In-charge


An ART Nurse should have at least a Diploma in Nursing and must have a valid practicing license.


The HIV/AIDS ART Nurse requires extensive, current knowledge of the symptoms and treatments of AID and HIV infections, the methods by which the virus is (and is not) transmitted and prevention measures.

HIV/AIDS ART Nurse must enjoy working with other people, have a compassionate nature and be good listeners. A broad knowledge of diverse cultural beliefs and attitudes is often necessary when working with diverse populations.

11 Job Vacancies at Sikonge District council

Duties and Responsibilities:

Adhering t nursing ethics as punctuality and cleanliness etc.

2. Ensure a CT clinic runs in accordance with the national standards

3. Ensure all clients are taken recommended investigations such as HVL, CD4count and others in accordance with the guidelines

4. Ensure all patients receive appropriate clinical care during a clinic visit, including scheduled or unscheduled physician examination and laboratory test.

5. Educate patients in all aspects of disease and treatment management, as well as basic healthy lifestyles

6. Counsel patients about HIV diagnosis, management of medications, medication and clinic visit adherence, psychosocial issues, and basic health self-care.

7. Counsel and educate family members and care givers to promote secondary prevention of HIV infection, to improve the care of patients with HIV, and to strengthen social support networks of patients

8. Accurately and completely document patient information and patient encounters in the patient medical record

9. Assist patients to connect with other resources through the referral network

10. Assist the TC clinicians in the provision of clinical care for patients

11. Do any other duty as assigned by the Supervisor

 Job title: Community Tester (2 posts)

Full time workstation: Reports to: CTC In-charge


Should have at least a Certificate/Diploma in Nursing and must have a valid practice license.

Job summary:

A Community Tester requires extensive, current knowledge of the HIV prevention measures among KVP. Community tester must enjoy working with other people, have a compassionate nature and be a good listener.

A broad knowledge of diverse cultural beliefs and attitudes is often necessary when working with diverse population especially Key and Vulnerable population.

11 Job Vacancies at Sikonge District council

Duties and Responsibilities

1 . He/She will be responsible to create awareness and education on the existence of HTS i.e. educating clients on all aspects of HIV diseases and treatment management s well as basic health lifestyles.

2. To serve as liaison between clinicians/clinics, individuals screened and care centers.

3. To provide ongoing counseling and testing while maintaining confidentiality and patient rights. Also, to provide psychosocial support and assist with linkage to referral service

4. To assess, document all referrals, make follow-up and report on referral outcomes.

5. To monitor the quality of test kits using suitable control materials/samples from laboratory department.

6. To be in line With current HTS protocols/guidelines to ensure correct testing services (periodic review of standard operating procedures with support from laboratory department).

7. To ensure safe storage of HTS related items and to request/prepare all the necessary consumables for undertaking the HTS activities on time.

8. To compile and submit HTS reports on weekly, monthly and/or quarterly to the HTS focal person o time.

9. To keep accurate HTS records (HTS registers, reports and referral/linkage reports)

10. To work with t am member to monitor quality improvement plans with regards to the established performance targets/indicators.

11 . Ensure HIV testing is performed according to the National HIV Testing algorithm.

12. To carry out a y other duties that may be required by supervisor.

Job Title: Clinical Tracker (1 Post)

Full time workstation: CTC and PMTCT clinics Reports to: CTC In-charge Qualifications:

The Clinical Tracker should have at least a Certificate or Diploma in Sociology, Community Health Nursing or Education

11 Job Vacancies at Sikonge District council

Duties and Responsibilities

1.Identify patients who missed their clinic visit schedule timely and conduct telephone tracking

2. File pulling day before clinic visit together with lay counselors /CBHSPs

3. Sorting those who are eligible for HVI- investigations

4. Phone calling for those who are eligible but did not come for HVL investigations

5. Prepare and share with CBHS providers/peers/ community volunteers a list of clients who were not found through phone and those who cannot be accessible by phones

6. Update all tracking outcomes into the täcking register

7. Work with data Officers for entry bf tracking outcome into the CTC2 cards and the database

8. Conduct weekly review and ensure all tracking outcomes are updated and entered on TC2 database

9. Ensure unknown clients are tracked timely and 90% of them are returned to care monthly

10. Work with A T Nurses, CBHS Supervisors and Data Officers to confirm all transfer out reports i respective facilities

11 . Provide health education on importance of clinic adherence to the clients and families

12. Support the patient adherence to medication and clinic visit schedules

13. Record and report tracking services daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly

14. Prepare summary report weekly, monthly and quarterly and submit to Site Manager a d District Retention and Community Officer

15. Participate i data management and net loss analysis in respective facilities and the district

16. Participate i QI activities that aimed to increase retention at facility level 2

17. Bring up an ideas or comments that may contribute to better system of patient follow up

18. Perform an other duties as assigned by a Supervisor

11 Job Vacancies at Sikonge District council


All applications will be received not be later than 11th November 2021 at 03.30 PM.

All applications should be directed through the email [email protected] or through this address:

District Executive Director,
P. O. BOX 70,

Interested applicants are encouraged to submit a cover letter, certified copies of academic certificates and an updated CV (3 pages maximum).

All applications must be submitted physically or via post mail.

No applicants to pay any fee at whatever stage of the recruitment and selection process.

11 Job Vacancies at Sikonge District council



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